Property & Insurance Committee


The powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Property and insurance Committee shall be as follows:

(a) The Committee shall maintain and keep an inventory of all capital items of furniture, fixtures, and general and specialized equipment used in all County operations along with an inventory of surplus equipment. The Committee shall have the authority to determine if surplus equipment is to be serviced and stored for future use or disposal.

(b) The Committee shall oversee the maintenance of the Green Lake County Government Center, highway buildings, outbuildings on County premises, and maintain the yards, walks, and parking lots adjacent thereto and plan, develop and supervise all new construction and renovation unless a specific building committee is appointed by the County Board. For acquiring, developing and maintaining snowmobile trails whenever possible, the Committee shall make application for grants and aids from the state and federal snowmobile maintenance funds.

(c) The Committee shall oversee the County’s insurance needs for:

  1. public liability and property damage insurance, either through commercial companies or by self-insurance created by setting up a fund for such purpose or by a combination thereof, covering, without exclusion because of enumeration, motor vehicles, malfeasance of professional employees, maintenance and operation of County highways and parks, and any other activities involving the possibility of damage to the general public;
  2. fire and casualty insurance for all County property;
  3. health, life, and disability insurance for County employees as appropriate;
  4. the protection of the County and the public against loss or damage resulting from the act, neglect, or default of County officers, department heads, and employees.

Any plan for self-insurance under this subsection shall be specifically approved by the County Board before it may be commenced.

(d) The Committee shall have the responsibility for arranging for the printing of public notices, County Board proceedings, and any other printing required by County ordinance, except for the printing of notices, etc., that are the special concern and responsibility of other committees of the County Board or departments of County government.

The Property and Insurance Committee will appoint a Loss Control Subcommittee, and this Subcommittee shall administer and support the Insurance Loss Control Program of the County in coordination with the County Clerk, who shall serve as the Safety Coordinator/Risk Manager. Additional guidance to this Subcommittee shall be provided by loss control specialists provided by the County’s insurance providers at no cost to the County. Subcommittee meetings shall be held at such intervals as are deemed necessary to properly carry out the several functions of the Subcommittee, but at least quarterly. Such meetings shall be duly noticed in accordance with open meeting law and shall keep minutes and post an agenda.


The Property and Insurance Committee shall consist of five (5) Supervisors appointed by the County Board Chair and confirmed by the County Board for a two-year term or until a successor is appointed and confirmed.



Elizabeth Otto

Term Length

Two (2) Year


First Tuesday of each month.
County Board Room, Government Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake WI 54941.For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.
More information can be found in Ordinance 11-2018 regarding the Property and Insurance Committee.