Health & Human Services Transportation Committee


The responsibility of the Transportation Coordination Committee is to monitor the expenditures of transportation funds being expended on transportation services for seniors and individuals with disabilities; review transportation plans for the service area; review and comment on county aid applications under s 85.21, Stats.; review and comment on assistance applications under s. 85.22, Stats.; act on requests by local public bodies to be designated as coordinators of transportation services for elderly and disabled persons for the purpose of becoming eligible for assistance under the federal sec. 5310 program.


Transportation Coordinating Committee is a committee appointed by the County Board for coordinating the County’s specialized transportation which includes members representing at least the following:  County Board; County Aging Unit; county Department of Social Services or County Department of Human Services; County Boards created under s.51.42 or 51.437, Stats.; Transportation providers – public, proprietary and nonprofit; elderly and disabled citizen advocates; consumer and agency advocates.

Richard Trochinski, County Board (term expires 2024)
Dawn Brantley, Fox River Industries
Ryan Bamberg, Aging/ADRC
Chuck Buss, County Board (term expires 2024)
Gerald Beuthin, Citizen (term expires 2023)
Traci Campnell, Southern Green Lake Transportation (term expires 2025)
Jon Vandeyacht, VSO
Rebecca Rey Bays, Berlin Senior Center (term expires 2024)



Kayla Yonke

Term Length

Two (2) year staggered terms


Committee meets bi-annually at the Green Lake County Department of Health and Human Services Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake, WI 54941.
For exact dates and times, please refer to the calendar of events.