Green Lake County Board of Supervisors – Candidate Status

December 5, 2017

Green Lake County Board of Supervisors – Candidate Status

Green Lake County Board of Supervisors – April 3, 2018

Candidate Status Notes: Incumbents are listed first here by each district, when it comes time for ballot placements a drawing will be held to determine the ballot order for the districts with competition. Nomination papers may be circulated beginning Dec. 1, 2017 and are due by 5:00 p.m., Jan. 2, 2018. It is understood that candidates are able to obtain the “campaign packet” material from the Internet, however to appear here as a recognized candidate a notification to the County Clerk’s office is necessary.

County Board Supervisors 2018 Election Took Out Papers Returned Filed Non-Candidacy Declaration
District 1 Larry Jenkins x  x  
District 2 Vicki Bernhagen x  x  
District 3 Rich Slate  x    x
  Curtis Talma x x  
District 4 Paul Schwandt x    
  David E. Abendroth x  x  
District 5 Peter Wallace  x x  
District 6 Joy Waterbury x   x
District 7 Michael F. Starshak x   x
  Charlie Wielgosh x x  
District 8 Patricia Garro x x  
District 9 Vacant      
District 10 Sue Wendt  x x  
District 11 Harley Reabe x  x  
District 12 Bob Schweder x  x  
District 13 Nick Toney x   x
  Kathleen Morris x x  
District 14 Dennis Mulder x  x  
District 15 Katie Mehn x  x  
District 16 Joseph Gonyo x x  
District 17 Joanne Guden x   x
  Keith Hess x  x  
District 18 Richard Trochinski x x  
District 19 Robert Lyon x  x  

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