Health & Human Services – Child Support

The Child Support Department has moved to the Department of Health & Human Services located on the 1st level of the Government Center.

The telephone number and office hours are as listed on the righthand side of this page.

The Child Support Agency is a local Green Lake County operated agency, but is funded with federal, state and county money, and operates according to state and federal law.

The mission of the Green Lake County Child Support Agency is to ensure that parents provide financial and medical support for their children, and by doing so, increases the economic self-sufficiency of single parent households and reduces taxes by reducing public assistance benefits.

If you are calling about:

  • Payment information
  • Account balances
  • Tax intercept payments
  • Account printout requests

Please call Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund at the following number:
800-991-5530 or 414-615-2400

General Information

Information for Parents and Guardians

Lien Docket Information

Tax Intercept Information

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Agency Responsibilities

  • Location of parents who do not live with their child (or children).
  • Enforcement of all court orders which call for a child support payment.
  • Obtaining a court order for a child support payment when parents do not live together and there are children who need support.
  • Legally establishing the paternity of children born to unmarried parents.
  • Enforcement of court orders that call for a parent to keep medical insurance on children.
  • Location of missing children in “child-napping” cases. (These are usually children who are “taken” and hidden by one parent without the permission of the other parent.)
  • Obtaining an order that grandparents of a child born to minor parents (under age 18) must pay child support for the new baby.
  • Obtaining a court order that the parent(s) of a child placed in a foster or substitute care facility pay child support for that child.
  • Child support agencies do not deal with visitation and placement issues. These must be handled either through the pro-se process or by retaining an attorney. Pro-se packets are available on the Wisconsin Courts Website.
  • The Green Lake county child support agency no longer deals with issues regarding uninsured medical expenses or tax exemption. These must be done through the pro-se process. Forms are available on the Wisconsin Courts Website.
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Links to Child Support Forms

Direct Deposit


Child Support Percentage of Income Standard

Parent Application for Services (NEW Case)

Guardian Application for Services

Application for Services (Existing Case)

Wisconsin Pro Se (do-it yourself) Form for Stipulation Child Support

Wisconsin Courts Pro Se Forms

Confidential Information Release

Petition for Waiver of Filing Fees

Application for Privacy Protection

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Payment Options

In Wisconsin, support payments are now issued in an electronic form – either by direct deposit in your savings or checking account or by a special VISA debit card. Beginning November 7, 2007 if you have not signed up for direct deposit, you will receive a letter informing you that you are enrolled in the debit card program.

If you would like direct deposit forms, you may contact the Child Support Agency or go online to, and click on “Sign up for direct deposit.”

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Contact Us

  • Office Hours:
    8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Address:
    571 County Road A
    Green Lake, WI 54941
  • Phone: 920-294-4048
  • Fax: 920-294-4101
  • Contact Us: Email