Circuit Court

The circuit court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Wisconsin. It has original jurisdiction in both civil and criminal matters unless exclusive jurisdiction is given to another court. It also reviews state agency decisions and hears appeals from municipal courts. Jury trials are conducted only in circuit courts.

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Slate, Mark T.
Circuit Court Judge

Judge Slate was born and raised in Markesan and graduated Markesan High School. He received an undergraduate degree from UW-Oshkosh and became a Police Officer in the City of Janesville. He went to Wisconsin Law School and upon graduation went into the practice of law with his father, Bill Slate, in Markesan where he practiced general law. In 2011 he ran for Circuit Court Judge and was elected to serve the citizens of Green Lake County.

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Family Court Commissoner

The Family Court Commissioner hears all Mediation Screenings, Temporary Orders in divorce cases and Stipulated Divorce Hearings. If you need to contact the Family Court Commissioner you can contact him by mail at the courthouse address, or call.

Blazel, John

Mediation Request Form

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Past Judges of Green Lake County

Franklin B. Hawes

A.G. Myers

Thomas B. Ryan

J. Edmund Millard

Sherman G. Potter

Perry Nekern

George Ostrander

David C. Willis


W.M. McMonigal

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Court Reporters

Court reporters, although sometimes taken for granted because they are seldom heard or seen, play a critical function in the courtroom. Court reporters take a verbatim transcript of everything that happens in the courtroom.

Ulrich, Barb

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