Land Information Council


The Land Information Council reviews the priorities, needs, policies, and expenditures of the Land Information Office and advises the County on matters affecting said office.


The Land Information Council consists of the County Surveyor; Land Information Officer; County Clerk; County Treasurer/Real Property Lister; County Conservationist; Public Safety or Emergency Communication representative; Register of Deeds; County Board Member; and a Realtor or member of the Realtor’s Association.

Renee Thiem-Korth – Register of Deeds
Todd Morris – County Conservationist
Matt Kirkman – Land Use Planning & Zoning Director
Don Lenz – County Surveyor & Representative
Elizabeth Otto – County Clerk
Mark Podoll – Sheriff
Harley Reabe – County Board Supervisor
Jeff Shadick – Realtor
Gerald Stanuch – LIO
Stefanie Meeker – Real Property Lister & LIO Alternate
Jessica McLean – Treasurer



Elizabeth Otto


At least once per year