Commission on Aging


The Commission shall act as an Advisory Committee to the Health & Human Services Board to improve the quality of life for Senior Citizens in Green Lake County. The Commission shall carry out duties as directed by the Green Lake County Board of Supervisors.


There shall be five (5) Commission members, appointed by the County Administrator and confirmed by the County Board. 51% of the members shall be Senior Citizens, 60 years of age and over. No more than one (1) member shall be a County Board Supervisor. However, the County Board Supervisor shall have an alternate member assigned to serve and vote in the absence of the Supervisor.

Darlene Krentz – 2nd term (2024)
Gloria Lichtfuss – 2nd term (2025)
Richard Trochinski – Alternate
Parkis Waterbury – 1st term (2023)
Harley Reabe – 1st term (2024) Chair
Judy Street – 1st term (2024)



Kayla Yonke

Term Length

Lay members may serve a maximum of 2 - 3 year terms. County board members may serve a minimum of 3 - 2 year terms


For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.