Family Resource Council


It is the mission of the Green Lake County Family Resource Council to:
-Maximize opportunities for families with children to participate fully in activities and processes that promote their growth and development, self-worth, and independence.
-Provide a forum that recognizes all collaborative efforts among community service providers, families with children and citizens at large. Identify issues facing Green Lake County families and ensure that cost-effective service delivery systems for families with children to maintain the integrity of the family.
-Serve as the advisory board of Birth to 3 and the Family Support Program, Safe & Stable Families, Juvenile Crime Enforcement Coalition, IV-E, and Coordinated Services Team Initiative. The Green Lake County Coordinating Committee agreement shall be reviewed and signed every three years. Also serves as the advisory board for Comprehensive Community Services (CCS), and other projects which fit the goals and mission of the Family Resource Council.
-Monitor Green Lake County Wisconsin Works (W-2) status and its effect on families.


It is the intent of the Family Resource Council to include as broad a membership representation as possible. Members of this organization will be appointed by the County Board Chairman at the April County re-organizational meeting for staggered 2-year terms. The voting members will represent groups or services as follows: ADVOCAP Representative Board Representative Children’s Services Representative Community Representatives* (must be at least 25% of the voting body) Faith-based Community Representative Judicial Representative Law Enforcement Representative School Representative U.W. Extension Representative


Connie Anderson, Community Rep. (2024)
Kathy Anderson-Kemnitz, Comm Rep (2023)
Tony Beregszazi, ADVOCAP Representative (2023)
Joy Waterbury, Parent (2023)
Mark Slate, DA Judicial Rep
Tammi Eastling, Parent (2023)
Katie Gellings, UWEX Rep
Kristina Boeck, Parent (2024)
Carrie McCarthy, School Rep (2024)
Robyn Morris, Parent (April 2024)
Rachel Prellwitz, Health Rep
Gail Olson, Community Rep (2023)
Allie Henke, Community Rep (2023)
Mark Podoll, Sheriff Law Enforcement Rep
Danielle Barron, Parent (2024)
Gregory Metzler, Consumer (2023)
Bailey Reese, Consumer  (2023)
Jessica Bielmeier, ASTOP (2023)
Carly Porten, Parent (2024)
Richard Trochinski, County Board (2024)

Ex-Officio Members
Harley Reabe, County Board Chair (2024)
Cathy Schmit, Co. Adm/Community (2022)
Jason Jerome, HHS Director (2023)
Shelby Jensen, Economic Support Unit Manager (2023)
Kate Meyer, CLTS/CCS Coordinator (2022)
Danielle Viau, Birth-3, Health Unit (2022)
Susan Sleezer, Children & Family Services Unit Manager (2022)
Nichol Wienkes, Behavioral Health Unit Manager (2022)



Kayla Yonke

Term Length

Staggered 2 year


For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.