ADRC Governing Board Committee


The role of the ADRC Coordinating Committee is to:

  • Assist in developing a mission statement for the ADRC Consortium that is consistent with the goals of the statewide redesigned long term care system.
  • Help determine the structure, policies, and procedures of the ADRC Consortium within state guidelines and local governance structure.
  • Ensure that the ADRC Consortium has a viable plan for implementation and operation.
  • Oversee the operation of the ADRC Consortium.
  • Identify unmet needs and prepare plans to meet them.
  • Assure input from consumers, service providers, and local constituents in general in the policies, practices and goals for the ADRC Consortium.
  • Provide financial oversight for the ADRC Consortium including assisting in the development of a budget and monitoring expenditures.
  • Ensure that the terms for the State contract are fulfilled.

Adams County
Marge Edwards, County Board Chair and Gordy Carlson
Green Lake County
Harley Reabe, County Board Chairman, Joy Waterbury, Charlie Wielgosh, Parkis Waterbury
Waushara County
Linda Manske, John Jarvis and Mike Kapp



Kayla Yonke

Term Length

Staggered 3 Years


For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.