Administrative Committee


The Administrative Committee will be the Supervising Committee for the following appointed and elected Officials: County Administrator, Corporation Counsel, County Clerk, Information Technology, County Treasurer, and Register of Deeds. The committee shall review and recommend to the County Board the salaries for elected officials, constitutional officers and the County Board of Supervisors.



The Administrative Committee shall consist of the following members: the County Board Chair, a member of the Highway Committee, the Judicial Law/Emergency Management Committee, the Agriculture-Extension and Fair Committee, and the DHHS Board, appointed by the County Board Chair. The County Board Chair shall be the Chair of the Committee and the County Clerk acts as Secretary to the Committee. Committee members shall serve for two years or until a successor has been elected or appointed.



Elizabeth Otto

Term Length

Two (2) years or until a successor has been elected or appointed.


A regular meeting of the Administrative Committee shall be held at least quarterly at a time and place as advertised by the Committee. Special meetings shall be held as determined necessary by the Committee and shall be duly advertised. County Board Room, Government Center, 571 County Road A, Green Lake WI 54941 For the exact date/time and location of meetings, please refer to the calendar of events.

More information can be found in Ordinance 11-2018 regarding the Administrative Committee.