Parks Commission


The Parks Commission shall consist of seven (7) members, three (3) of which shall be members of the Green Lake County Board of Supervisors. The County Board Chair shall appoint the members, in writing, and shall file the appointments in the office of the County Clerk. The term of each member, except for county board members, is seven (7) years following July 1 of the year in which the appointment is made and until the appointment and qualification of a successor, except that the first seven (7) members shall be appointed respectfully for such terms that on July 1 in each of the seven (7) years following the year in which they are appointed the term of one member will expire. After the original appointments, one commissioner shall be appointed annually in the month of June to succeed the member whose term will expire on July 1 following. The term of any park commissioner who is a county board member shall end when the commissioner’s membership on the county board terminates, unless thereafter reappointed to the commission. (See Wis. Stat. §27.02(1)). The powers, duties and responsibilities of the Parks Commission are as prescribed in Green Lake County Ordinance Chapter 19, Article II, Parks Commission.



Elizabeth Otto